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International Direct Dial

Dime Hello ensures economical, convenient and efficient means to connect with loved ones and corporate teams. Offers International Direct Dialing facilities to over 220 countries across the world with clear transmission lines guaranteed, accurate and detailed billing at the end of every month.

Reach anyone with a call away.

Minimize international communication expenses

Experience clear connection

Call Forward Roaming

We want to make sure you’ll get the best roaming experience that’s worth your plan. Save on hefty roaming bills. Dime Hello offers Call Forward Roaming service for frequent travelers and mobile phone users in Hong Kong. Get to receive Hong Kong mobile calls while overseas at an affordable rate and enjoy substantial savings on your roaming fees.

How does it Work?

Provide us your overseas destination number on which you wish to receive your calls.
A local access number diverted to your destination number will be issued.
Before leaving Hong Kong, divert your Hong Kong mobile to the given access number.

Calls made to your Hong Kong mobile will be transferred to your destination number.
Get to know more about Dime Hello’s Call Forward Roaming service!

SMS Broadcast

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SMS Broadcast Login

Dime Hello provides a fast, convenient and cost-effective means to send text messages to multiple recipients at a time, wherever you are at.
With customized, easy to use interface and functional control panel provides an economical solution for individuals and business organizations to reach out to loved ones, send reminders to teams and broadcast offers and updates to customers using SMS messages delivered within a second.

What's in it for you?

Learn the SMS Broadcast Basics

Your 10-digit Customer ID number is your default Log In and password. If you do not have this information, contact our Customer Care team.

Log in to your SMS Broadcast account using your default log in details. Go to My Profile>> Change Password and set your preferred password details. Kindly take note that the new password will be applied to your invoice log in as well.

Your Log in ID cannot be changed.

Access the webpage and send SMS through your mobile device with high-speed internet connection.

1 SMS message contains 160 English characters including spaces. If your message exceeds 160 characters, it will be sent and charged as 2 messages. The maximum size of a message is 320 characters. If you are using Unicode- foreign fonts e.g. Chinese, 1 SMS has 70 characters, which is also the maximum message size.

All messages regardless their delivery status will be charged. Messages undelivered due to invalid number, poor mobile signal, no space in recipient's inbox will be charged.

Go to "Sent Items" in your SMS Manager page. Initials S, P and F indicate successful, pending and failed delivery respectively.

There is no limit to the number of recipients. You can send message to as many recipients as you want.

Your message will be delivered within few seconds. Unfavorable conditions such as poor mobile network and slow Internet connection may cause delay whereas under normal conditions, delivery is immediate.

Sender ID displayed to the receiver is your mobile number that is registered with us. You can register multiple mobile numbers and choose your ID according to your wish.

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Airtime Top-Up

Transfer Airtime Credits to your family, friends and corporate teams overseas available in three regions- Philippines, India and Nepal.
Complete the following procedure to send airtime credits:

Create an account with Dime Hello

Send a local SMS to our server with your request

Specify the top-up amount you prefer

Express how you truly care.

Send airtime credits as a gift to your family, friends and loved ones no matter where they are.